A Haven For Wildlife

Rhinog Park

At Rhinog Park, we are proud to do our bit to protect and enhance Britain’s natural environment. We are committed to managing our park as a haven for wildlife, reducing our use of natural resources, recycling as much as possible, supporting our local community and sharing our excitement about the natural environment with all of our visitors.

Here at Rhinog, we are Natural Partners of the North Wales Wildlife Trust and are proud to support them in their conservation work across the region. Please see more information on the Trust and a link to their website below.

In the past few years, our initiatives have included encouraging bats, birds, owls and insects onto the park and planting native fruit trees. In addition, we have taken the Honey Bee Pledge to encourage honey bees to forage at Rhinog or nest in our bee hotels. These beautiful and fascinating creatures are a vital part of the British countryside as one of the most important pollinators of crops and other plants and have been in dramatic decline in recent years.


In 2018, Rhinog Park was awarded a second Gold David Bellamy Conservation Award, along with their Bee Friendly and Wildflower Habitat Awards. Granted only to parks which have demonstrated a sound commitment to the natural world, the David Bellamy Conservation Awards are described by Professor Bellamy as the 'Green Olympics' and go only to parks which help protect and enhance the natural environment.

As Professor Bellamy commented: "Parks like this are creating wildlife wonderlands, and it's time they were given well-deserved recognition for their environmental commitment."

Wildlife In Our Area

North Wales Wildlife Trust

Glaslyn Ospreys

RSPB Reserves & Events

north wales wildlife trust

Dedicated to conserving all habitats and species across North Wales for the enjoyment of people and the benefit of wildlife, the NWWT have a downloadable program on their website.


This community interest company protects breeding ospreys in the Glaslyn Valley, while at the same time highlighting the wealth of other wildlife in the region. To find out how to get to their new Visitor Centre or to see their list of events please click below


For RSPB reserves such as Ynys Hir (nr. Machynlleth) and events such as guided walks, hands-on activities and wildlife watching please click below

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